27 of October 2016

Livaningo brings solar lamps to rural areas in Mozambique

A solar lamps dissemination programme is underway in Maputo Province aiming to improve living conditions of rural communities, without access to electricity, by providing them with cheap and clean night lighting.

This initiative developed by Livaningo Association, a non-governmental organization linked to sustainable development, was presented during this month to the population of some districts of Magude village, in administrative Motaze post, and in Manhiça district.

According to Livaningo, Magude district was chosen as a pilot site due to its poor power quality; difficult access or connection to communities more inland, as well as frequent power cuts.

Apart from showing the importance of those lamps to the population, the institution, headquartered in Maputo, set up four sale points in Magude, expecting that other units are established in Manhiça and elsewhere in the country.

Students from the 3rd year of Magude Professional School were also trained on climate change and clean energy. On the occasion, the first environmental club was created at the same educational institution, so they can become the environmental and energy efficiency content disseminators in that district.

The expectation is that at least 13 thousand people, of the little more than 55 thousand inhabitants of Magude, use these lamps by 2020, which would substantially reduce the use of oil and/or wood for night lighting.

The administrative post of Mapulanguene, in the north of Maputo, is the next destination for the initiative, which is in line with the Government’s strategies to bring simple solutions to problems which unsettle rural communities.

Source and picture © Livaningo