27 of April 2018

March 100% renewable in Portugal mainland

APREN, the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association, member of ALER, announced that during March 2018, renewable electricity production exceeded the consumption in mainland Portugal.


The electricity generated by renewables was 4 812 GWh, whereas tconsumption was 4 647 GWH, in other words, renewables represented 103,6% of the electricity consumed, according to REN.

The largest period where renewables have sustain the consumption was from 4pm of March 9 to 1pm of March 12, a period of 70 hours. This period was only interrupted by 10 hours with fossil fuel back up. From then on renewables returned to support consumption. Without this break, we would have had 150 hours only with renewables.

In detail, hydro power covered 55% and wind power covered 42%; 1,8 million tons of CO2 were avoided, corresponding to savings of 21 millions of euros in emission allowances; and the exported balance accounted for 19% of the electricity consumption in Mainland Portugal.

We expect that this is a situation to be repeated in a near future and a good example for other portuguese-speaking countries.

APREN and INEGI publish the new edition of "Wind farms in Portugal" report

APREN, in partnership with INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, also ALER’s member, published a new edition of the “Wind farms in Portugal” report.

This report is part of the e2p project – Portugal’s Endogenous Energies, a project that developd an online database with all the renewable energy power plants in Portugal, up to date and publicly available. In this database it is possible to find information on all existing power plants, including about technology, location and installed capacity.

The database is available here and the report here.