25 of January 2017
Meeting with Key partners of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Equipment Project

On January 25, a meeting with key partners was held at UNDP Office in Cape Verde in order to present the main objectives and activities of the project, the intervention strategies, the proposal for building the technical committees and the activities planned for 2017.

The meeting was chaired by the UNDP Deputy Representative in Cape Verde, Ilaria Carnevali, and the Director of Energy Services, Mário Oliveira.

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Equipment Project (PEEE), co-financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), aims to remove the obstacles to promote Energy Efficiency (EE) in these fields.

It is considered that the objectives and targets set will only be effectively achieved through a joint and solid synergy between all implementing partners, the Energy Services Directorate, through the PEEE (Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Equipment Project).

UNDP deputy representative in Cape Verde, Ilaria Carnevali, said that there is already a two million dollars fund (about 200,000 contos) for the project implementation, being in contact to get other donors.

She added that the Government of Cape Verde is involved in this project with four million dollars, as well as contributions from the University of Cape Verde and other national and international institutions.

"On the one hand the aim is to achieve the energy saving that is economically important for the country and, on the other hand, to contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions" said Ilaria Carnevali.

View the agenda here (only available in Portuguese).