Memorandum of Understanding signed for micro-energy promotion in Mozambique
12 of September 2016
Memorandum of Understanding signed for micro-energy promotion in Mozambique

The Electricity of Mozambique (EDM), the Energy Fund (FUNAE) and the National Company of Science and Technology Parks of Mozambique (ENPCT) signed in early July a Memorandum of Understanding which aims to boost micro-energy projects in the country, to increase access to modern energy services.

Currently only 26% of the Mozambican population has access to the grid. However, the country has commited itself to achieve the goal of universal access to energy by 2030, under the initiative "Sustainable Energy for All" (SE4All), in September last year at the United Nations.

It appears that it will not be possible to meet this goal only with a program for extension of the national grid, which means a joint and concerted approach of individual off-grid and grid-connected projects is required.

For this purpose, EDM is developing an Action Plan with the time horizon from 3 to 5 years, which will take place during the transition period until the sustainable implementation of a strategy and operations for micro-energy. This Plan is organized in five areas of intervention, namely, 1) Institutional and Organisational Development; 2) Financing and Tariff Mechanisms; 3) Standards, Criteria and Technical Regulations; 4) Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer; 5) Market Development. EDM’s requirements for the development of micro-energy and concrete initiatives to meet specific targets have also been identified.

This strategic approach and development vision of EDM’s role of dissemination and use of micro-energy as an alternative energy solution is very relevant, as an effective coordination of electrification efforts inside and outside the grid is finally foreseen. A closer cooperation between EDM and FUNAE is desirable and one of the sector’s constant recommendations.

It is with great enthusiasm that ALER welcomes this initiative, and is already supporting the entities involved by disseminating it towards national and international partners.