29 of March 2018

Mini-grid survey and research summary on subsidies

Power for All campaign, partner of ALER, has recently presented a research summary showing that only 10% of electricity subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa flow to households with the lowest income. In addition, Power for All invites all stakeholders to repply to an online survey on the role of renewable energy mini-grids in achieving universal electricity access.


Research summary: electricity subsidies failing low-income households


Subsidies are a common way to support electricity access to poor households. Yet data from the World Bank shows that subsidies are largely failing to help the under-served. In fact, only 10% of electricity subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa flow to households with the lowest income, while subsidizing residential tariffs accounts for the single largest source of utility deficits. It's time for reform.


For more information on this topic, download the Power for All Research Summary: Effectiveness of Electricity Subsidies for Low-Income Households in Sub-Saharan Africa and India.


Power for All Mini-grid Survey


Building on previous work to mainstream distributed renewable energy that started in 2015, Power for All is engaging in a global effort in 2018 to elevate and further legitimize the mini-grid sector. To inform that effort, a brief survey wais built to gather insights and guidance from key mini-grid stakeholders.


This is the first effort to develop a unified narrative for the mini-grid sector, and everyone’s participation is critical to its success. Working with all stakeholders, Power for All plans to use the resulting outputs to inform decision makers, reduce policy, regulatory and finance barriers to growth, and shift the narrative.


If possible, we ask that one person per organization fill out the survey after consolidating input internally. The deadline for completing the survey is 4 April 2018.