31 of July 2019

Mini-grids training workshop and launch of new funds for Mozambique

From 10 to 12 of July, took place in Maputo, green mini-grids training workshop: data collection and productive use in mini-grid development. The event was organized in cooperation between GIZ, BDD Energia Mozambique, Green Mini-grids helpdesk and Micro Energy International.


The workshop targeted students and industry professionals and was free to attend. This training had the objectives to provide a brief introduction on mini-grid as electrification solution for off-grid areas; to inform participants on Productive Uses of Energy and its relevance in the context of Mini-grids in Sub-Saharan Africa and Mozambique and to enable the participants to train the surveyors to carry out demand assessment, while maintaining the quality of the data collection process, and also included practical exercises developed in group.


July was also a launch month of funding initiatives for Mozambique aimed to support the private sector, amongst which are the following:


BRILHO Program, Energy Africa Mozambique


On July 26, took place the launch of BRILHO program, Energy Africa Mozambique, a partnership between the Mozambican and British Government, through its Department for International Development (DFID). This program envisages to increase the access to clean energy through clean cooking technologies, domestic solar systems and mini-grids.


BRILHO’s objective is to improve and increase off-grid access to clean energy for 1.5 million people and 15,000 businesses, therefore leveraging innovation capacity and investment of the private sector, leading to market development. The program has a total cost of 22.8 million pounds and will be implemented in five years by a consortium led by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and in close cooperation with FUNAE, in order to strengthen its role as off-grid leader and coordinator in the long term. Besides the direct support to enterprises, through funding and technical assistance, BRILHO will also have other components that address some of the barriers of the off-grid energy market development.


For more information please contact: mozambique@snv.org


Fund for sustainable access to renewables (FASER)


Foundation for Community Development (FDC) and GIZ through Energising Development (EnDev) e Grüne Bürgerenergie (GBE) programs in Mozambique, launched FASER, “Fund for sustainable access to renewables”, a results-based funding (RBF).


FASER will act as a catalyst, in order to develop sustainable and clean energy markets with a multisectoral approach, encouraging the active participation of the private sector, as well as stimulating productive uses of energy.


RBF fund will include a specific window of fast response to situations of humanitarian crisis, guaranteeing access to energy for the affected population that will focus initially in the affected regions by IDAI cyclone in March 2019.


Suppliers and distributors of decentralized renewable energy technologies and energy solutions for productive uses are eligible, the candidates can be individual entrepreneurs, companies, associations, cooperatives partnerships and/or consortiums between local and international companies which carry out activities with the purpose to sell eligible technologies to final consumers in a commercial basis.


The first call for proposals was already launch and the first roadshow will be on August 1.


For more information please contact: faser.moz@giz.de

Source and Imagem © SNV and BRILHO