26 of March 2024

Mini-grids WG analyses new off-grid energy access regulations in Mozambique

On 26th March, ALER and the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER) returned to the Working Group on Mini-Grids.


At this latest meeting, the Working Group presented a detailed legal analysis and a roadmap with the necessary procedures for developing mini-grid projects and home solar systems in Mozambique. During the session, some topics were also identified regarding the application of the off-grid energy access regulation in the country, which ALER and AMER will present to the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE).


These documents will later be available to all ALER and AMER Members, to facilitate the application of this new regime and promote mini-grid projects in Mozambique.


It is on these occasions that the role of the Associations is most relevant, as coordination platforms and spokespeople for the interests of the private sector, working together with all the stakeholders to achieve a regulatory environment that is favorable to investment and that allows increased access to energy in general and renewables in particular.