28 of February 2019

MIREME wants to provide energy to 1,8 million people

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of the Government of Mozambique (MIREME), partner of ALER, and IGNITE Mozambique signed an agreement that aims to bring energy to 1.8 million people living in remote areas of the country within the next three years. The plan is to install individual solar energy systems in 300,000 homes in all provinces of the country.


Max Tonela, Minister of Natural Resources and Energy, says that this agreement is another decisive step forward to accomplish the objectives of promoting Energy for All launched by the President of the Republic in November 2018, which provides that all Mozambicans have access to energy in 2030.


The Ministry and the National Energy Fund (FUNAE) selected IGNITE Mozambique through a process of financial capacity assessment, advanced solar solutions and experience implementing large-scale electrification projects.


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