31 of October 2018

Mozambique’s Electricity Law is under revision

The revision process of Mozambique's Electricity Law is under public consultation. The SPEED + project in partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique  released the draft of the Proposal for the Revision of the Electricity Law and Justification, with the aim of reviewing the law that has been in force since 1997. This revision arose from the need to adapt the Law to the current times, in order to position itself in an attractive way for new investments in the sector.


The Government believes that there is a need to adapt the general legal regime governing electricity supply activities to stimulate competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability and investment, with a view to accelerate universal access to the services it provides.


The legal framework consolidates the principles of organization and operation of the electric power system, as well as the general rules applicable to the exercise of production, transportation, distribution and commercialization activities, including export and import, with the purpose to give access to electricity to an increasing number of citizens.


At the moment, Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) is designated, by law, manager of the electricity transmission network at national level, fact that is seen by some investors as being a monopolistic vision and that does not open space for the participation of other segments in the market. The Government hopes to harmonize and enrich the proposal for the revision of the Electricity Law, within the framework of the reform of the legal framework governing the electricity sector.


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