29 of June 2021

New Energy Information Management System in Cape Verde

On May 29, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy of Cape Verde, in partnership with the Support Program for the Energy Sector, PASER, and financed by Luxembourg Cooperation, presented the new energy management system in Praia. An electronic platform that will contribute to the collection, processing and data treatment  on the sector.


The Energy Information Management System as an energy platform will provide data to support sustainable development strategy formulation, policy making, planning and monitoring of the energy sector. Providing relevant information for the sector in a single site, which will provide more confidence and transparency in the management of the National Energy System.


The final objective of the SGIE is, among others, to reduce bureaucracy in the registration processes of technical professionals in the sector, the sharing of information among sectorial stakeholders, administering the processes for registering companies, production systems and licensing of production plants.


It should be recalled that the country has already registered important advances in the field of energy efficiency, namely, the replacement of public lighting by LED lamps; the introduction of smart meters, the installation of modern laboratories for the verification of meters and measurement control, the new National Dispatch Center with the SCADA/EMS/DMS system, the creation of the national System for Labeling and Requirements for Electrical Equipment and the approval of the Code of Energy Efficiency in Buildings.


This platform is another step in the Government's major commitment to accelerating the energy transition, with a view to reaching 30% of production from renewable sources by 2025, exceeding 50 in 2030 and reaching 100% in 2040.


The experience of another PALOP – African Portuguese-speaking Countries


The energy information management system can thus serve as an example for other countries such as Mozambique and Angola that do not yet have any system. The proposed revision of Mozambique's general electricity law includes the creation of an energy cadastre, which will be a database containing information on the national energy grid.


At the level of Portuguese-speaking African Countries, only Guinea-Bissau has an Energy Information System, the SIE-UEMOA, implemented at the level of the region. The SIE-UEMOA consists of an energy platform that centralizes data from the countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) zone, allowing access and comparison of sector data at national and regional level.


In São Tomé and Príncipe, the GEF/UNIDO project foresees the creation of a database of the sector, included in the recently created website. The project will also support the calculation of the energy balance using LEAP in cooperation with the Stockholm Environment Institute.


More information about Cape Verde's energy information management system is available here.


Source and Image © Government of Cape Verde