31 of May 2024

New Luena Solar Power Plant supplies energy to 171 000 consumers

The municipality of Luena, in the province of Moxico, has a new solar power plant with an installed capacity of 25.3MW and the capacity to serve more than 171,000 consumers.


With a budget of more than 36 million euros, the Solar Power Plant has 43,680 solar panels, which will allow the province of Moxico to save around 19.5 million tonnes of fuel a year and avoid the emission of more than 68 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.


With the solar power plant coming on stream, the municipalities of Moxico will now have another source of clean energy, which will contribute to uninterrupted electricity distribution. The power supply to the city of Luena is guaranteed by the Tchihumbwe-Dala hydroelectric power station and thermal power stations 2 and 3, which have a total capacity of 26MW.


The Luena Solar Power Plant is part of a group of seven to be built in the provinces of Benguela (Baía Farta and Biópio), Huambo (Bailundo), Bié (Cuito) and Lunda-Norte (Lucapa) and Lunda-Sul (Saurimo), with a total capacity of 370 MWp, which should be operational by the end of the year. The photovoltaic parks in Saurimo, in the province of Lunda-Sul, Biópio and Baía Farta, in the province of Benguela, are already producing energy, as announced by ALER here and here


Aligned with the ‘Energia Angola 2025’ plan, the government aims to diversify the country's energy matrix to ensure that around 82% of its rural population has access to electricity.


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