4 of September 2017

New Heat Maps Pinpoint Energy Access Challenges

Using the latest energy data from their knowledge partners, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) has launched newly updated ‘heat maps’ on its web site that help identify countries and regions around the world making the most progress – and facing the biggest challenges – on key sustainable energy issues (access to clean cooking, electricity access, energy efficiency and renewable energy).

By combining and analyzing data sets like these, as we do with the ‘heat maps,’ we can show leaders where they can make the biggest and fastest inroads towards SEforALL’s goals and can support these efforts accordingly.

These maps also show where progress is happening so that we can replicate the success of others and help leaders in government, business and civil society make smart choices. Lastly, these the ‘heat maps’ should be thought of as living documents that are updated regularly as new information becomes available. 

Please access the 'heat maps' here.