18 of December 2023

New Opportunities for Clean Cooking and Mini-Grid Development in Mozambique

The Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) and the Modern Cooking Facility (MCFA) have launched new initiatives over the past month to boost the development of clean cooking and the expansion of energy grid infrastructure, providing significant opportunities for the country's sustainable development.


Launch of a call for pre-registration for "Development of mini-grids for electricity supply"

The Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) has launched an invitation for private, qualified, and experienced companies that have potential interest in developing mini-grid projects, to proceed with the preliminary registration, on the platform available through this link until January 15th. More information here.


Funding of 16 million Euros for Clean Cooking companies

The Modern Cooking Facility for Africa (MCFA) has launched the second round of funding to support access to and scale-up of high-tech clean cooking solutions in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The call for proposals is open until January 31st 2024, for which private companies interested in marketing clean cooking solutions are invited to compete.


The MCFA offers a combination of funding, including non-repayable grants, to companies operating in the clean cooking market. The aim is to support financing and provide technical assistance to drive business expansion and growth in this sector. More information here, applications to be submitted here.