18 of February 2016

New partnership between ALER and Brazil Portugal Chamber in Ceará (CBP-CE)

ALER and the Brazil Portugal Chamber in Ceará (CBP-CE) signed a cooperation protocol which aims to support and promote business activities within renewable energy sector in Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

According to the CBP-EC Energy Sector’s Director, Ricardo André Guedes, this collaboration is most timely since "the electricity generation sector from alternative resources is today one of the most dynamic sectors in Brazil and a sector which is in counter-cycle with the rest of the economy. I believe there will be many opportunities for companies and businessmen. On the other hand, many energy companies in Brazil currently have investment capacity and know-how, and the Portuguese-speaking world will always be a destination of choice for new initiatives."

For ALER, Brazil and Portugal are considered supporting countries and therefore they are not the main focus of activities. Nevertheless, the Association aims to enhance specialized knowledge and experience which already exists in these countries, supporting the internationalization of companies to other Portuguese-speaking countries. Ricardo Guedes adds that "although the Chamber's focus is obviously trade relations between Portugal and Brazil, I believe that a framework in the wider lusophone "space" is something wich makes a lot of sense and will drive more opportunities."

The Brazil Portugal Chamber in Ceará - Commerce, Industry and Tourism (CBP-CE) is a civil non-profit association operating in the state of Ceará, Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries.