New renewable energy projects in Angola
31 of July 2020
New renewable energy projects in Angola

Angola is carrying out several initiatives that make it possible to identify the country as a market with several investment opportunities in renewable energy. This is the case with two new private projects in renewable energy.


In the first case, it is a photovoltaic plant with an initial capacity of 30 MWac / 40MWp, which can reach 80MWac / 100MWp, in the second phase, to be built in Lubango, capital of Huíla province.

In an order, the President of the Republic authorizes the signing of a memorandum of understanding, from the perspective of a private investment model, between the Ministry of Energy and Water and the consortium of Total Eren and Angola Environment Technology, Limited to carry out feasibility studies. the plant, which includes Environmental and Social Impact Studies, Connecting the Static Stability Network and Economic and Financial Performance Assessment.

In another order, the Angolan President authorized the signing of a memorandum of understanding for carrying out feasibility studies for the construction and operation of Hydroelectric Projects for independent contractors along the Cuango River, in the province of Lunda-Norte.

In this project, the memorandum of understanding is initialed, as a private investment, between the Ministry of Energy and Waters and the consortium of companies ELEKTRA - Electricidade e Águas de Angola, Limited and Angola Hydro Holdco, Limited.

These projects follow the concession contract signed in November with ENI for a 50 MWp photovoltaic plant in Namibe province, as reported by ALER and the agreement approved in Presidential Order 19/20 of 10 of February with the consortium of Sun Africa LCC, M. Couto Alves-Vias, S.A., e M. Couto Alves, S.A, Member of ALER, 

Presidential Order 19/20 of 10 February, with the ALER associate, M. Couto Alves, SA for the execution of the project “Solar Panels in Bailundo, Benguela, Biópio, Cuito, Lucapa, Luena and Saurimo”.


Source and Image © Jornal de Angola