New Renewable Energy Projects in Angola
30 of January 2023
New Renewable Energy Projects in Angola

Inauguration of the Biópio Solar Power Plant:


MCA, ALER’s Member, was responsible for the construction of Angola's largest solar photovoltaic power plant, the Biópio solar power plant in Catumbela municipality, with over 188.8 MW through the installment 509,40 panels.


The solar power plant, which was inaugurated in July 2022 by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, involved an investment of 256 million euros and will make it possible to totally boost the national electricity system.


The 220 Kv electricity transmission line to send power from the power plant to the existing substation at Biópio, and from there to the switching station in that region, was concluded, over a total of 1,575 metres, making it possible to inject 188.8 MW of power into the national grid.


The project, the second implemented in the Benguela province, after the Baía Farta power plant, with 96 MW of power, covers 436 hectares and has cutting-edge technology for producing clean, renewable energy, enough to meet the needs of 500,000 Angolan homes, the equivalent - it is estimated - of over 1 million consumers, mainly in rural areas.


Once injected into the interconnected system, the electricity from Benguela’s photovoltaic power plants will be available to serve any of the ten provinces already connected to the national grid and thus continue with the electrification of more areas.


New photovoltaic projects planned for Huíla and Namibe:


During the Sustainability Week, which took place from January 16thto 19thin Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, João Lourenço and several members of the Angolan government signed several financing agreements for projects in the transport and renewable energy sectors.


In the energy sector, it is expected that the provinces of Huíla and Namibe will benefit from the construction of four more solar energy PV power plants, under an agreement signed between the government and United Arab Emirates company Masdar.


This agreement states that the Masdar company will install up to 2 GW of PV energy, with a first phase of 500 MW.


The project is part of the country's strategy to diversify energy sources, and it is estimated that the construction of the solar photovoltaic power plants will produce around 2 gigawatts of power, and are joining the various plans announced for the 2022 renewable energy sector.


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