2 of June 2022

New renewable projects approved in Angola

The Government of Angola had approved in April 2021 an agreement for the preparation of technical, economic, financial and environmental feasibility studies, worth more than US$1 billion to bring energy to 60 communes in Malanje, Bié, Moxico, Lunda-Norte and Lunda-Sul, through the development, construction and financing of hybrid solar photovoltaic generation systems  with storage system with lithium-ion batteries and the expansion of the electricity grid as new distribution grids.


At the end of April 2022, the Government approved the direct adjustment of EUR 1,027 million to carry out the project  of engineering, supply, supervision, construction and testing of the systems with the Portuguese group, Manuel Couto Alves (MCA), A ssociado of ALER, which will be responsible for the project.


It is estimated that the positive environmental impact on CO2 emissions is between 4.6 and 7.9 million tonnes. In addition to the environmental impact, the social effects of the project, inclusion, capacity for society, training, education, quality of life, among others, translate into a value that is 3.4 to 5.9 times higher than investment.


In addition to this project, the Angolan Government also signed in May a contract worth US$1.95 billion with Global Sun Africa, consisting of Sun Africa LLC and Omatapalo - Engenhara e Construções and Omatapalo Inc, for the execution of works for the electrification of 26 municipal offices and 56 communes,  in the provinces of Namibe, Kuando Kubango, Huíla and Cunene, through hybrid photovoltaic solar generation systems and integrated drinking water supply programs, which provides for the construction of 65 solar mini-grids for electricity production, electricity storage, connection infrastructures and the expansion of the water distribution grids.


Through this document, the Angolan Government also authorizes the construction of two more photovoltaic plants in the localities of Catete with 104 MW and Laúca with 400 MW, whose contract includes the development, design, supply, supervision, construction and testing.


These projects follow those that had already been signed in 2020, which ALER summarized in this news.


Source: Novo Jornal | Reporter Angola