1 of August 2016

Presentation of the tender model for independent power producers renewable energy projects in Cape Verde

The second validation Workshop of criteria that should guide the tenders for renewable energy independent power producers projects in Cape Verde, took place on July 22.

Ongoing activities are intended to allow the entry of new players in energy production, through public and transparent tenders with selection criteria based on the technical and financial competence and, above all, on the energy price which is sold to the grid.

Cape Verde has made great investment efforts and institutional reforms in order to ensure safe and reliable energy for the whole population and enable prosperity to be achieved throughout the archipelago.

To ensure energy sector sustainability, there was a strong commitment on renewable energy, with the creation of a specific legal framework which took the form of the Decree-Law no. 1/2011, of January 3, 2011.

Nowadays, with the electrical system relatively stable, the energy costs are the biggest concern. The creation of a transparent, dynamic and competitive market could lead to a market more efficient, with a positive impact on costs. With this in mind, since 2015, the reform and regulation of the sector was chosen as the main task.

ALER will participate in this process by creating an internal Working Group to prepare its contribution, thereby seeking to coordinate the interests and opinion of the private sector. If you are interested in participating please contact geral@aler-renovaveis.org.

Source and Images ©  Projecto Eficiência Energética em Edificios