25 of January 2016

New Year, New Activities

We started this new year with the responsability to continue the activities launched in 2015 and meet our Member’s expectations created during last year.

2015 was the first year of ALER’s activities, but still a year of great progress.


Not only we doubled the number of Members, but we also developed our image and services. ALER currently has a continuously updated website, this monthly newsletter, three monitoring services covering news, legislation and funding and investment opportunities, and our online platforms LERenováveis and Contacts Directory.

At national level we have strenghen contacts and activities in the three priority countries: Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Mozambique. Field trips were conducted with not only to understand the national energy sector but also to establish partnerships with companies and national authorities linked to this sector.

A workshop with the topic "Private Sector Involvement in Renewable Energy in Cape Verde: Opportunities and challenges" was organized in Cape Verde, where we presented the results of a questionnaire developed by ALER on the prospects for the development of renewables in Cape Verde, to assess perspectives, needs and expectations of the various renewable sector stakeholders in Cape Verde, especially the private sector.

In Mozambique ALER organized a conference on 8th and 9th December in partnership with Eduardo Mondlane University and FEDESMO. The conference was attended by public authorities, as well as private entities, like companies, associations, students and individual persons. The outcome was very positive in terms of shared experiences, improved knowledge of the energy sector and increasing ALER and its Members' contacts network.

It is also worth highlighting that in 2015 ALER partnered with CPLP in the first conference “Energy for the Development of CPLP”, that followed the First Meeting of Energy Ministers of CPLP, resulting in the “Cascais Statement”, which, among other topics, defined the creation of the Energy Network of CPLP that will be dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency issues. ALER took a leading role in organizing the conference and ensuring its member’s engagement, as speakers or active participants.

What is expected in 2016? It will be a year full of challenges on attracting new Members and consolidating our Association.

The reports on the status of renewables in Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe will be published, as well as a document with recommendations for the next Cape Verde Government.


We will start activities in two new priority countries: Angola and East Timor, which involves carrying out field trips, beginning to draft the national reports and planning the upcoming national conferences.

The creation of the Energy Network of CPLP will be closely monitored and ALER aims to play a major role in it. Also in terms of international relations, we will further develop contacts with other regional and international entities with the purpose of attracting investment for renewable energy projects in Portuguese-speaking countries.

With the participation of all our partners, ALER will be more and more a recognized organization not only at lusophone but also at international level, placing lusophone countries on the renewable energies' map.

Miquelina Menezes, Vice-President of ALER