28 of April 2021

Now or Never - Access to Energy

EDP launched a podcast that discusses the present and seeks solutions for a more sustainable future. Presented by Catarina Barreiros, it counted with the presence of two ALER Members. Luís Matos Martins, president of TESE and president of ALER General Assembly and Guilherme Collares Pereira who assumes responsibilities in the area of social innovation at EDP, and Vice-president of ALER Board.


Four episodes have already been released, with topics related to sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency and even circular economy. In the last one, in which we had the presence of two ALER Members, mainly the discussion was about access to energy in developing countries and  what is being done to guarantee access to energy for all and how renewable energy can contribute.

Listen to the podcast here.


Source and Image © EDPR