20 of December 2015

The success of ALER’s Mozambique Conference

ALER, in partnership with FEDESMO and Eduardo Mondlane University, organized on 8th and 9th December 2015, the conference "Renewable of Development Prospects in Mozambique: Opportunities and Challenges", held in Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo.


The conference was attended by about 150 professionals in the renewable energy sector, at national and international level, from national authorities companies, development partners, civil society and educational institutions. All panels were much participated, with a lively session of questions and answers at the end.


Following the opening session and presentation of the co-organizers, the conference began with the presentation of ALER's report on the status of renewable energy. This will be the most complete and up to date report on the sector, which will provide an overview of renewable energy developments in Mozambique. You can download the presentation here and make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to be present at the report.


Afterwards the Conference was structured in five thematic sessions, corresponding to the various topics covered in ALER’s report: Regulatory framework; Financing; Projects; Education, Training and Research; and Regional Initiatives.


Several initiatives were announce during the conference that will have a major impact on the sector, such as the revision of the REFIT, the Star Program, the launch of a Credit line for Renewable Energy projects, the implementation of the mini-grid project of Titimane, the Stove Map, the Energy Africa initiative, the SADC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Centre and the Energy Network of the CPLP.


The event culminated with the presentation of the conclusions of LAER’s report, with the identification and discussion of the main barriers and recommendations to the development of renewable energies in Mozambique. You can download the final presentation here and you are invited to send your contribution of extra information to ALER’s report until December 23 via the email geral@aler-renovaveis.org.


The conference ensured a day and a half debate about the renewable energy sector in the country and proved to be an important step to improve dialogue and knowledge sharing, as well as identify key challenges and best practices.


ALER thus affirmed its place as a relevant partner to the promotion of renewables in Mozambique. We hope to continue working with all stakeholders and will soon publish our report, which we hope will be useful to everyone.