31 of January 2019

Online Consultation on AFD’s Energy Transition Strategy is now open

French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement – AFD) is developing its energy transition strategy and is currently holding an online consultation process so that everyone can contribute to its definition.


The Energy Transition is now underway both in developing and developed countries. Driven mainly by technological advances, it is an economic, social and environmental opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and an imperative if we are to attain the objectives set by the Paris Climate Agreement. It aims for universal access to low-carbon and resilient energy services.


To respond to these challenges more effectively, AFD Group is adopting a strategy to speed up the Energy Transition in the countries where it operates, in line with the Group’s 2018–2020 Strategy approved in August 2018.


AFD Group is launching an open online consultation until February 8 so that all stakeholders can vote on, comment on and add to this new Strategy.


To give your contribute, participate here.