30 of November 2020

MCA Group leads consortium to install 7 solar power plants totaling 370 MWp in Angola

The international project under MCA Solar Angola, of the MCA Group, ALER’s Member, foresees the construction of 7 solar PV power plants and the installation of 1 million solar panels, with a total of 370 megawatts (MWp) in the next two years in Angola.


That is enough energy to serve 2.4 million people in a territory that lacks supplies and access to the public network, especially in rural areas. Hundreds of Angolans living in isolated areas will have energy for the first time, with the particularity of being "clean" energy, avoiding the emission of 935,953 tons of CO2 per year.


MCA Group is the main entity in the consortium that developed the entire MCA Solar Angola project, from the technical to financial component, as well as certification, in accordance with international environmental and social impact standards. The partners come from various geographies (Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States or South Korea) and have come together for their size, experience and strategic vision on sustainability.

This project consist on the implementation of the agreement approved in Presidential Order 19/20 of 10 February that ALER had already reported here.

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Source and Image © MCA Group