6 of March 2020

Postponement of the Conference

Dear participants,


As organisers of the Renewables in Mozambique 2020 conference, we have been closely following the global developments of covid-19.

Despite a stable situation in Mozambique, at international level several restrictions are already in place. Some governments are imposing a quarantine period for passengers traveling from countries at risk, and some organisations have limited their workers' trips only to emergencies.

We are primarily concerned with the health of all participants, not only during the event but also during the travels necessary to get there. For this reason, we want to avoid any extra risks and uncomfortable situations due to the imposition of preventive measures such as quarantine periods.

Secondly, the main objective of the conference is to bring together the most relevant stakeholders in the renewable sector in Mozambique so that they can share information for the further development of projects. Given the current situation, many participants would be unable to join us at the conference thus jeopardizing the aim of the event.

For these reasons the conference organisers, together with its partners, made the decision to postpone the Renewables in Mozambique 2020 conference to a later date in the year.

We apologize for the inconvenience this situation may cause, but we believe it is the most responsible course of action to protect everyone and not to frustrate participant’s expectations. We will take advantage of this postponement to further improve the conference and increase the offer of related services.

We would like to thank everyone who had already registered and the speakers who had already accepted the invitation to participate in the conference, and we hope that we will also be able to count on your presence on the new date of the conference.

We are available for any questions that may arise, and we will keep you informed of developments on the new conference date.

Thank you for your understanding,


The organisers of the Renewables in Mozambique 2020 conference