30 of January 2017

Power for All - a coalition campaigning for accelerated energy access

Dear Readers,

There is a way to achieve universal energy access faster, cleaner and more cost-effectively than the current approach: it’s called decentralized renewable energy (DRE), also known as “off-grid” energy. Power for All is a campaign which is radically accelerating the uptake of DRE around the world, including in lusophone Africa.

Power for All has over 170 partners (including ALER)  drawn from the private sector and civil society. Together we are changing the narrative about DRE in order to influence policy makers, investors and consumers.

We value ALER’s support and partnership, and also welcome new partners from Portuguese-speaking countries. In February we launch a new ‘call to action’, which will outline best practice policies for national-level governments to achieve high growth of DRE. We invite you to join us in promoting this call in your own countries of work. If you are interested, please email joe@powerforall.org to discuss options for collaboration.

Our website has a wealth of information freely available, including: targeted reports and accompanying advocacy,  persuasive resources (that draw on the latest research). We also encourage you  to engage with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our campaign is  working in select countries in Africa and South Asia to show the huge impact potential of DRE. We have held workshops, field visits and training sessions for hundreds of government officials and journalists, and nurtured the formation of renewable energy trade associations. Already we are seeing changes in the policy environment as a result of our work.

But our success depends on your participation. We hope you can join with us to #endenergypovertyfaster.

Obrigado a todos!

Joe Rafalowicz

Partnerships Manager

Power for All