5 of September 2016

Why we need a Decentralized Revolution

To meet Sustainable Development Goal 7—clean, affordable, modern energy for all—by 2030 we need a 'revolution' in progress towards the universal energy access target.


Power for All, a partner of ALER, has prepared an infographic, based on data and analysis by the Overseas Development Institute, which is a stark illustration of how far we are off track. But decentralized solutions—such as mini-grids and solar home systems—are key to closing the energy access progress gap, and will ensure that 1+ billion people are not left behind.

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Download and share the infographic 'Decentralized Renewables: The Key to Closing the Energy Access Gap  JPEG (523KB)

Power for All make available Resources

If you want great infographics on decentralized renewables or need statistics for a presentation, Power for All campaign have revamped their Resources web page to make it easier for you to find facts, reports, interviews, case studies and other high-impact content.

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