24 of October 2016

UN Practitioner Network Investment Directory open for new member submissions

The UN Foundation’s online Investment Directory, showcasing over a $1 billion investment opportunity in the energy access space, is now open for new submissions and profile updates.

The Investment Directory is intended to help highlight a range of investment and financing opportunities presented by the growing number of companies and organizations working in the off-grid energy space, and to serve as a starting point for commercial and impact investors interested in exploring the opportunities in this market, and for donors and for analysts focused on tracking the strength of the sector.

Practitioner Network members who do not currently have a profile in the Investment Directory should visit http://bit.ly/28PyBwm to create one. Submissions will be evaluated for accuracy and content, and will be approved on a rolling basis. For members who already have an existing profile, a unique log-in will be provided to each organization’s designated contact person, allowing you to update your existing member profile on a continuous basis. New profile submissions that are approved will also receive similar log-in privileges.

With your help, is expected the Practitioner Network’s Investment Directory will become the most dynamic and up-to-date depository of financing needs in the energy access sector, with unprecedented reach and diversity, both for relevant technologies and geographically.

Visit http://bit.ly/1OSBUOJ to search through all participating members’ profiles, and make sure your organization’s financing needs are captured in the database by submitting your information via http://bit.ly/28PyBwm.