26 of September 2023

Preselected Companies to Develop 30 MWac Solar Power Plants in Mozambique

On September 18th, the Energy Regulation Authority (ARENE) released the list of companies shortlisted for the tender to select two energy producers for the development of two solar photovoltaic projects with a capacity of 30 MWac each.


As previously reported by ALER, this result follows the tender launched in November 2022 by the Mozambican government through ARENE under the Renewable Energy Auction Promotion Programme (PROLER), the aim of which was to attract investors to develop, finance, design and build the solar power plant in Manje, in Tete Province, and the solar power plant in Chimbunila, in Niassa Province.


The shortlisted Independent Power Producers are:

  • TotalRenewables Energies, an ALER Member;
  • ACWA Power Company;
  • JCMPower Corporation;
  • Voltalia S.A.

Source: ARENE