26 of April 2016

MINEA's Energy Education Development Program - Life, Energy and Me

During the field trip to Angola, ALER met with the National Coordinator of Energy Education Development Program (PDEE) "Vida, Energia e Eu" (Life, Energy and Me), Neusa Cumbe, who presented in greater detail the program, objectives and actions.

This Energy Education program has been drawn up by the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), in collaboration with the Public Electricity Production Company (PRODEL), the National Network of Energy Transportation (RNT), the National Electricity Distribution Company (ENDE) and the Office of Exploration of Middle Kwanza (GAMEK).

"Vida, Energia e Eu" program’s goal is the conversion of all Angolan citizens into responsible individuals, committed to sustainable development so that a significant reduction in electricity consumption can be achieved.  This way, it will be possible to expand services to new users and significantly eliminate the "blackouts" providing a progressive improvement in the quality of life of Angolan future generations. 

The PDEE acts in four areas of intervention, namely the school, family, community and government and business institutions, with an educational and communicational dimension. A research study was conducted in Sambizanga district focused on the school, family and community context, to study and make a diagnostic of the current situation and define lines of action. In general terms, other actions were also developed, such as the preparation of books for teachers of primary, secondary and 3rd cycle schools, together with radio spots broadcasting.

The Energy Education campaign is being developed in a strategic partnership with the Ministries of Education and Communications, together with the provincial and municipal administrative authorities. According to Neusa Cumbe, the pedagogical part of the program requires the design of educational materials, the promotion of educational events, lectures and discussions on the different types of power and its economic consumption.

“Vida, Energia e Eu” was launched on August 14, 2014, by His Excellency the Angolan Minister of Energy and Water, Eng. João Baptista Borges, and will be implemented over three and a half years throughout the national territory.

The description of the project is available for download here as well as a power point presentation here. (Only portuguese versions available)