30 of November 2020

Proposals for solar power plant in Dondo under PROLER

12 competitors expressed their interest in participating in the tender recently launched by the Government for the construction of a solar power plant in Dondo district, Sofala province, under the PROLER auction programme. A total of 135 entities, national and international, purchased the tender documents. The ternder-opening act took place on November 23.


Paulo Graça, President of the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE), explained that for the next phase, a jury was set up to evaluate the proposals within a maximum period of two weeks. The group of jury members includes representatives of the energy sector, the Bank of Mozambique, the Ministries of Labor, Environment and Economy and Finance.


Thereafter, in January 2021, prequalified entities will receive invitations to participate in a tender that will take place in two phases, a first for the presentation of technical proposals and a second for the remaining proposals, including the financial.


In Dondo, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy through EDM, intends to develop the project for the construction of a 40MW photovoltaic solar plant, under the Renewable Energy Auction Program (PROLER).


Learn more about PROLER.


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