15 of September 2017

Public Presentation of the “Promotion of Solar Thermal Energy for Water Heating” project

The Government of Cape Verde through the Energy, Industry, and Commerce National Directorate and the Center for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance, and with the support of the Spanish Cooperation, will implement the “Promotion of Solar Thermal Energy for Water Heating” project.

This project has a duration of 18 months and aims to develop the solar thermal energy market in Cape Verde and the training in this area, ensuring market’s security and trust and promoting these technologies adoption. This project will train around 15 technicians (about 50% women) from the islands of Sal and Boavista filling the shortage of skilled workers in these islands with regard to renewable energies.

The Government Program for the IX Legislature calls for the use of renewable and clean energy, as far as technically and economically attainable, including the investment in the use of solar thermal energy for domestic water heating and industrial preheating. The objective is to maximize the use of the great potential of endogenous renewable resources existing in the country, contributing to the reduction of costs, increasing safety.

The project launch workshop took place on September 14 at Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde.

Source and picture © CERMI