2 of November 2022

'Recognizing the need to promote solutions that improve energy cost, quality and reliability (...) AIMO embarked on a process of searching for alternatives'

AIMO, Industrial Association of Mozambique, represents the interests of Mozambican industrialists and has, as one of its main objectives, to stimulate the increase of national industrial production, productivity, and competitiveness.


We work together with the Government in the effort to promote industrialization, making our contribution to the enrichment of the legal and regulatory framework, including fiscal, monetary, and sectoral policies. Of these, we would like to highlight the National Industrialization Program which had the merit of identifying and involving all the main actors in the industrialization process. AIMO was also an integral part of the reformulation of the Industrial Policy and Strategy in use.


But there are still many challenges, particularly those linked to the competitiveness of the local industry, which is negatively impacted, among others, by the cost of raw materials, capital and energy. Regarding electricity, in addition to this cost, there is also the reliability and quality to consider, which, despite the important gains recently obtained, still represents a challenge for the national industry.


Recognizing the need to promote solutions that improve the cost, quality and reliability of energy available to industrial companies, AIMO embarked on a process of searching for alternatives, which culminated, among others, in the partnership signed last year with AMER - Mozambican Renewable Energy Association.


As a result of this partnership, ALER, together with AMER, AIMO and FENAGRI - National Federation of Mozambican Agricultural Associations, will bring to the public the event “Renewables for Industry and Agriculture in Mozambique”. We hope that this event will be fruitful in the identification of solutions that can help industrial companies to solve their cost, quality and reliability needs on the energy field.


Why agriculture and industry?


Because agriculture and industry are called upon to develop synergies so that the objective of adding more value to national raw materials is achieved. Through the promotion of agricultural processing, and the transformation of different agricultural products that the country produces, leveraging the incentives promoted by the authorities.