4 of June 2024

Recording of the webinar “Energizing Africa: How EU Financing the Renewable Landscape?” available online

On 4th June, ALER, in partnership with GreenVenture (an ALER Associate and leader in the development of renewable energy projects), promoted the webinar “Energizing Africa: How EU Financing is Changing the Renewable Landscape?”. The recording of the webinar and the speakers' presentations are now available online on the event page.


The webinar, which brought together EU development finance institutions and the business community to discuss the role of EU funding in supporting more clean energy projects in Africa, featured Miguel Mendes (GreenVenture), Alina Orrico (EDFI - European Development Finance Institutions), João Fonseca Santos (EIB - European Investment Bank), Sebastian von Wolff (GET.invest), Corentin Billiet (ElectriFI - Electrification Financing Initiative) and Edgar Arieira (GreenVenture) as speakers. The event was moderated by ALER's Executive Director, Isabel Cancela de Abreu.


Energizing Africa: How EU Financing is Changing the Renewable Landscape?” focused on the European Union's new financing mechanisms and programs for renewable energy projects in Africa, highlighting Europe's role as a strategic player in the sector, and promoting investment in African territory.


Rewatch the webinar here.
Access the speakers' presentations here.