23 of September 2016

RECP Finance Catalyst now operational

Accessing suitable sources of funding remains a key challenge for privately developed renewable energy (RE) projects in African markets. In order to address this issue, our partner, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Program (RECP), has launched its Finance Catalyst service.

The Finance Catalyst supports project developers in identifying and attracting funding for their projects.

While it will not directly finance projects, it provides support in accessing funding, and financial structuring towards getting projects investor-ready. Projects that seem technically, contractually and financially feasible can benefit from this support to bring their project to financial closure.

RECP has partnered with a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in renewable energy project development and finance in Africa. The team assists RE projects in the on-grid as well as the off-grid space. The Finance Catalyst operates on a technology neutral basis within the range of RE solutions. The team has dealt with wind, solar, hybrid, hydro, biomass and biogas projects using a variety of business models.

If you are interested in accessing this service, you can submit your proposal and specific request for assistance by utilising the intake form on the RECP website. The form has been placed on a secure server and the advisory team treats all information submitted confidentially. Following a periodic review period, the Finance Catalyst team will initiate direct correspondence with qualified applicants. Once reviewed, you will receive an email from RECP with a unique project identifier.

If you want to learn more about the team, the procedure and how the RECP and its Finance Catalyst can support your project, please visit: www.africa-eu-renewables.org/finance-catalyst