30 of October 2020

RELOP Series of debates

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the RELOP Board of Directors decided to turn the RELOP 2020 Conference into a series of 3 Debates with the theme “Democratization of access to energy: Regulation and citizenship”, in webinar format.


Each webinar lasts approximately 1h30 and the first two have already been held on 22 and 29 October.


The first debate had as its main theme “Governance for the Global Energy Transition” and was attended by Efain Cruz, President of RELOP and Director of the National Electric Energy Agency of Brazil; Rodrigo Coelho, of the Ibero-American Association of Energy Regulatory Entities (ARIAE); Vasco Ferreira, from the European Commission; Jorge Vasconcelos, of the Florence School of Regulation; and Olegário Tiny, Vice President of RELOP and President of the National Petroleum Agency of São Tomé and Príncipe. To read the complete program click here.


The second debate focused on the topic “Opportunities and Challenges for the Regulation of Fuels” and were attended by Olegário Tiny,; Gustavo de Marchi, from Getúlio Vargas do Brasil Foundation; Adriano Pires, Founding Partner and Director of the Brazilian Infrastructure Center; Nuno Matias, from the National Entity for the Portuguese Energy Sector; and Maria Cristina Portugal, Executive Director of RELOP and President of the Regulatory Entity for Energy Services in Portugal. To read the complete program click here.


The next debate will take place on November 5 at 2pm (GMT) with the theme “Innovation in the Electric Sector for the Democratization of Access to Energy and Consumer Protection”. See the program here and sign up  here.


Source and Image © RELOP