15 of December 2016

Renewable Alternatives for a Climate Proof Future

PlanºC - Climate Proof is the answer from Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe, in cooperation with Portugal, to the challenge to be more resilient to climate change impacts and to pave the way to a low carbon economies. The mission is to implement concrete measures that contribute to a low carbon and resilient development and build capacity for the design of the associated policies, plans and projects in beneficiary countries through the implementation of three projects: EBAC – Low-Carbon Strategies, IAC –Integration of Adaptation in Cooperation, and PACA – Community Adaptation Plans of Action.

EBAC, IAC and PACA have been implemented over the past three years and it is now time to harvest the ripest fruits.

The results of these projects have already benefited more than 10,000 people, highlighting the capacity-building of experts from all countries to:

  • elaborate and implement Low Carbon and Resilient Development Strategies, including proposals for the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) that were the basis for the Paris Agreement;
  • design Mitigation Actions;
  • define Measurement, Reporting and Verification guidelines (MRV, now for Transparency); 
  • create or strengthen the National System, i.e., to establish the institutional framework for climate change related issues;
  • integrate the response to climate change vulnerability into the design and implementation processes of policies and projects;
  • develop project concepts;
  • the implementation of concrete adaptation measures to increase the resilience of Mozambique and the nine communities, benefiting in particular, by climate change impacts.

During the past two weeks we have been immersed in an initiative we have called "Alternatives for a Future Climate Proof ". We worked hard with colleagues and friends from our four countries (Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal and Sao Tome and Principe) to present the results of these projects. But more than that, listen to them and develop their ideas so that communities have a Climate Proof Future.

While the main alternatives identified by country representatives were those related to adaptation, i.e., the implementation of actions that address the negative or positive climate change impacts, mitigation is always promoted, both for the use of renewable energy sources, as promoting an integrated approach to improving the efficiency.

This is what we do on the ground, as we believe that the two faces of climate change coins are inseparable in this task.

Together we are the Alternative for a Climate Proof Future.

ALER attended the event that took place on 29 and 30 November, in Estoril, and praises CAOS’ development projects over these three years.

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