27 of October 2017

Renewable Energy confirmed as part of the National Electrification Strategy of Mozambique during international conference organised by ALER with support from RECP

ALER, the Association of Portuguese speaking countries for Renewable Energy with support from the RECP (Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme) organised an international conference “Renewable Energy in the Electrification of Mozambique” in Maputo during 25 and 26 October. The conference was dedicated to discuss the contribution of renewable energy towards the electrification of the country, in line with the Mozambique National Electrification Strategy (ENE) currently in preparation for achieving universal access by 2030. 

During the two days of conference, more than 200 Delegates had the opportunity to participate in discussions of high-level representatives of the principal Mozambican as well as representatives from international institutions and project developers operating in the energy sector. 

On the morning of the first day, the second edition of the "National Status Report - Renewable Energy in Mozambique"[1] was presented, the most complete and up-to-date report on the renewable energy situation in Mozambique, which results from ALER’s efforts to compile, process and provide detailed and up-to-date information and which will serve as a reference document for all stakeholders in the renewable energy sector at a national level.

The National Electrification Strategy was also presented by the National Energy Director, which was followed by a roundtable in which representatives of the most recognized Mozambican institutions discussed the main challenges of electrification.

In the afternoon a matchmaking session with B2B meetings was held and participants had the opportunity to meet with potential business partners, fostering the establishment of new partnerships and enabling the development of the renewable energy sector in Mozambique.


The second day was focused on issues related to the electrification financing and the debate on the contribution of renewable energies to the national grid (on-grid) and in off-grid areas, in parallel sessions.

The off-grid parallel session discussed off-grid electrification using renewable energy sources and in a mini-grid dedicated session, the Portuguese version of the "Mini-grid Policy Toolkit" [2] was presented. This report clarifies the rationale for these solutions for rural electrification as well as possible models of operation and policy and regulatory framework, with emphasis on private sector participation.

Increased private sector participation was also one of the main themes mentioned throughout the conference, which was discussed at the last two sessions.

The conference concluded with a cocktail to commemorate the launching of the newly established Renewable Energy Association of Mozambique (Associação Moçambicana de Energia Renovável AMER).

The Vice-President of ALER, Miquelina Menezes welcomed the success of the conference which corresponds "to the culmination of the activities that ALER has been developing in Mozambique since 2015 and to the recognition by the Government of the importance of renewable energy", adding that "ALER willingly accepts the task entrusted to it, to compile input from all on how to ensure an effective National Electrification Strategy considering the role of renewable energy and the private sector".

Reinforcing this position, Jan Cloin, Project Manager of RECP, added that "the success of this conference demonstrates the high interest of the private sector and the Government of Mozambique to join forces in promoting renewable energy in Mozambique. RECP has contributed to strengthen the sector, through drafting regulation for mini-grids, the organisation of a European trade mission dedicated to solar energy, support to the ALER conference, organising B2B matchmaking during the conference and provide support through ALER for the creation of the Mozambican Association for the Renewable Energies (AMER) ".

The documents referred to are available for download at the following links:

[1] Renewable Energy in Mozambique – National Status Report


[2] Minigrid Policy Toolkit (PT)