31 of January 2022

Renewable Energy: EDM's new approach to accelerate Universal Energy Access in Mozambique

Faced with the challenges of electrification in the country and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs), the Electricity of Mozambique, E.P. (EDM) is committed to reach the Universal Energy Access for all Mozambicans by the year 2030. In this process, the bet on Renewable Energies is relevant.


A survey of the existing potential, developed within the framework of the  new and renewable Energy Development Policy, stated the existence, throughout the national territory, of a high and consistent radiation, being the sun the most abundant energy source in the country.


In the current context of the energy transition in the country, the Renewable Energy Plants, namely, solar and wind, have become EDM's new bet, because they are clean technologies, have lower cost solutions and rapid implementation, and because of the accessibility of Renewable Energies, the concern with the climate change issues and the commitment to greenhouse gas emissions’ reductions.


In 2018, we reached a historic milestone of the energy  transition, with the construction of the first medium-scale Fotovoltaic Central  linked to the Nacional Rede Eléctrica (REN) in Mocuba, Zambezia Province, with a capacity of 40MWp, which has mitigated the energy deficit in the northern region of Mozambique.  Similarly, other projects of Solar Centrais of energy production are underway at different stages of development resulting from private initiative.


The implementation of the Renewable Energy Auction Program (PROLER), with  the launch of the contest for the confirmation of the strategic partner for the development of Central Solar de Dondo, 30MW, represented a significant advance in the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework of the Renewable Energies Sector making the Procurement process more transparent and competitive in mobilising funding for its implementation.


Therefore, the paradigm shift with the entry of new independent producers with variable and intermittent technologies,  as  well as the implementation of programs such as PROLER, GETFit and IFC Scalling Solar, leads us to the challenges of structuring and regulating the Mozambican market, and it is important  that the  private sector continue with its programme of insertion of Renováveis Energies and should have the strategic support of the Government.


These investments are decisive for achieving the goal of Universal Access to Energy, within the framework of the Energy for All Program (ProEnergia),overall in rural areas, where the use of residential solar systems is predominant.  In addition, it is proven that Renovable Energias are sustainable and accessible.


As an ALER’S strategic partner and member, a promotional investment organism in Clean and Renewable Energies and in improving the business environment in Portuguese-speaking countries, EDM is committed to collaborating in the various ongoing and future initiatives, because it believes in the viability of alternative energies, also environmentally friendly.


Therefore, the achievement of  this objective will only  be possible if we are together and committed for a world that values clean energy and promotes energy efficiency in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Objections.


Olga Utchavo Madeira

Renewable Energy Director - EDM