28 of November 2016

Renewables in Mozambique – National Status Report

Dear readers,

Among SADC members, Mozambique has enormous energy potential, not only from coal and gas, but also from renewable energy resources, as shown in the New and Renewable Energy Atlas released in 2013, sponsored by the Portuguese Cooperation.

Mozambique has wind and sun throughout the entire year, as well as large rivers for the construction of large dams to electrify the country and export power to neighbouring countries and small rivers suitable for small dams to supply power to local communities and water to irrigate agricultural fields.

Solar power is already used in small projects, to supply schools and health centres, and it can also be used in small business ventures in rural areas, thereby contributing to an increase in household income. Solar power also permits the supply of water to local communities.

Solid waste from sugar cane and forests can also be used to generate power to supply a number of industries.

This report - produced by ALER with the support of various Mozambican institutions, provides a comprehensive view of the country’s legislation, projects, funding opportunities and education and training in the renewable energy area, identifying existing barriers and providing suggestions in how to overcome them.

It translates the work developed by ALER as a platform for the exchange of information and networking. The report is intended to provide a tangible contribution to the promotion of renewable energy in Mozambique and to the country’s economic and social development.

ALER will continue working with national and international institutions in order to push for a dynamic and sustainable renewable energy market.

The road may be long, but the important thing will be to ensure the development of available endogenous resources that will help the development of the Beloved Motherland whilst safeguarding the environment.

Miquelina Menezes

Vice-President of ALER