27 of May 2016

Renováveis Magazine adds section dedicated to ALER

Under the partnership ALER and CIE – Communication and Specialized Press, a space dedicated to ALER on Renováveis Magazine (Renewables Magazine) was recently agreed. Check out the first edition here.


This new space, called the "renewables in lusophony" provides case studies of projects carried out in Portuguese-speaking countries as well as news and/or information about ALER, its Members and Partners.

The first edition of this collaboration has been published in the magazine of April. In addition to the printed version, the articles can also be accessed online.

“Renováveis Magazine” is a quarterly technical-professional magazine, with 5000 issues printed, aimed to professionals with responsibilities in the promotion, design, implementation and maintenance of renewable energy’s installations, both for large power plants and microgeneration installations. It provides information about new equipment, materials and technological processes, training, business, as well as news and events with interest to its public.


Find out more about the magazine here.