1 of October 2018

RVE.SOL closes € 2.5 million investment

RVE SOL, a member of ALER, has closed a 2.5 million euro Series A investment round, led by the French company Egis Group, which works in the fields of infrastructure and transport and the South African company G7 Renewable Energies, which works in the development and exploitation of renewable energies.


This investment will enable to bring electricity and drinking water to 15,000 people, creating more than 20 direct jobs in Kenya.


The company plans to expand the technology to more than 50,000 residents in East Africa by 2020.


All this is done through the Kudura system, which consists of a central installed in a container, which allows communities access to drinking water, electricity and biogas at more affordable prices and without the use of kerosene, batteries and firewood / coal. This service is done through a prepayment system, which aims to promote the creation of wealth within the community itself.


RVE.SOL works mainly in the Kenya region, but is also based in Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria and Guinea-Bissau. Over the next five years, RVE.SOL plans to electrify 150 more communities. "We are working in an area that is very necessary for the development of the continent and its economy and to solve this problem of rural poverty," added the director of the company.


Source and Image © Observador