19 of February 2016

RVE.SOL Moçambique publishes an article about KUDURA’s feasibility using biomass as fuel

ALER’s Member RVE.SOL Moçambique has recently published a scientific paper on renewable energy generation in Science Direct about KUDURA, an integrated solution that provides renewable electricity, potable water, biogas and organic fertilizer. 


The article is entitled “Feasibility of KUDURA hybrid generation system in Mozambique: Sensitivity study of the small-scale PV-biomass and PV-diesel power generation hybrid system” and has the main subject evaluate the techno-economic feasibility of the inclusion of biomass gasification technology for electricity generation, namely using cashew nut shell as clean and low-cost fuel.



The use of agricultural and food processing waste is an important source of biomass fuel for energy generation in rural and remote locations. In particular, cashew nut shell has a high potential for clean and low-cost electricity generation due to its relative high energy content. In this study, the techno economic assessment of a solar photovoltaic-biomass gasification hybrid system is carried out for a case study in Nampula, Mozambique. Model results and sensitivity analysis show that this system is able to achieve competitive levelised cost of electricity when compared with diesel generators.


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