24 of April 2018

RVE.SOL signs an agreement for solar mini-grids in Kenya and takes on the presidency of ARE

RVE.SOL, ALER’s member, has recently signed an agreement with Busia county, in Kenya, to provide adequate and reliable solar powered electricity to residents.

The project aims to achieve 100 per cent rural electrification by 2030 through the development of solar mini-grids. RVE.SOL will build, operate and manage a minimum of 15 community sites in Busia County during 2018 and expects to deploy another 40 in 2019, providing for 10,000 renewable electricity connections across the county.

RVE.SOL will finance, construct and operate mini grid Solar PV/ Battery hybrid system sites with diesel generator backup serving 2,800 grid compliant connections, including 300 small businesses.

Several sites will include water pumping and purification technology with RVE.SOL intending to establish a bottled water brand “Made in Busia” for export to the broader commercial retail market.

The communities in question will assume local ownership of non-technical day to day operations of the project through the local community-based organization and ensure that the equipment is maintained securely.

RVE.SOL is a rural electrification project developer and operator, developing rural energy projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.

On the March 12, Vivian Vendeirinho, Founder and Managing Director of RVE.SOL was elected as new Presiden of ARE (Alliance for Rural Electrification) at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM). Vivian highlighted ARE’s work in the framework built by the SDG7 in order to support sustainable development for rural communities and the will to focus in the next few years on initiating more Member partnerships to validate the sector and demonstrate it’s scalability.

Source and Image © The Star, ARE and Green Tech Media