28 of June 2016

SADC energy sector developments

The annual meeting of SADC ministers of energy and water took place on 20-22 June this year, in Botswana at Gaborone Convention Centre.


The meeting aimed to address the problem of drought in the SADC region, the assessment of electricity supply, and the development stage of electricity project’s implementation in SADC countries.


The agenda also included the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the SADC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Centre - SACREEE (more info here), and the contextualization of the SADC Energy program with the Indicative Regional Development Master Plan and the Regional Industrialization Strategy.


Moreover, SADC is developing a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiecy Strategy and Action Plan (REEESAP), with support from the European Union.


For that purpose an expert of the SADC selected team was in Mozambique at the end of June to meet with various partners in the areas of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and be able to collect relevant information. ALER was invited to participate and we will give our contribution to this important document.