24 of April 2024

Saurimo Photovoltaic Plant launched with an installed capacity of 26.13MW

At the beginning of April, the Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, inaugurated the Saurimo Photovoltaic Plant in Lunda-Sul, a project with an installed capacity of 26.13 MW, enough to benefit more than 170,000 families.


In alignment with the ‘Energia Angola 2025’ plan, the project is designed to diversify the country's energy matrix and provide access to electricity for around 60% of the rural population.


With an investment of 38.8 million euros, the infrastructure has 44,850 solar panels and is expected to produce more than 49,000 MWh/year. In addition, a 15kV medium-voltage line will be built to connect the solar park to a sectioning post that will be adapted for future connections with the Tchicumina and Nhama posts and the interconnection of the Hidrochicapa line.


The Saurimo plant is part of a group of seven parks with a total capacity of 370 MWp in the provinces of Benguela, Huambo, Bié, Lunda-Norte and Moxico. The first two plants, Biópio and Baía Farta, which total 285 MW, were already inaugurated in July 2022, as ALER announced here.

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