29 of October 2021

Save the Date: 30 November - Renewables for Self-consumption in Mozambique

ALER, with the support of GET.invest Mozambique, funded by the European Union and Germany, and part of the European programme GET.invest , will organize an event in Maputo on November 30th about Renewables for Self-consumption in Mozambique.


Following up on the successful Investment Forum and IPP Seminar held in March 2021, and already preparing the International Conference to be held during the first half of 2022, this event will be focused on local stakeholders and dedicated to a specific market segment that has not yet been addressed in a dedicated event for Mozambique.


The goal of the event is to present the self-consumption market potential in Mozambique, in particular in the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector, characterize its demand and give voice to its clients, while also raising awareness about the potential of renewable energies to tackle consumers’ energy needs.


In order to reach this goal, the event will be divided into 4 segments: regulatory framework, sector overview, financing and case studies.

Stay tuned for more information on agenda, speakers and registrations!



Background information:


Mozambique still has an untapped potential for Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions for the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector, also called captive power. C&I is a broad term that can also include other sectors such as tourism, mining, agriculture and fishing, as it encompasses any commercial activity.


Due to the cost, instability and limited reach of electricity supply in Mozambique, alternative supply using DRE is a viable and competitive solution for C&I energy clients. However, this market has not yet been exploited due to lack of regulation and information for C&I clients on the offer and benefits of DRE, although a market of DRE companies supplying products and services already exists.


ALER believes that once C&I demand is characterized, the DRE is organized enough to meet its needs. Therefore, the challenge this event wishes to tackle is not to find solutions for DRE supply, but to understand C&I clients energy needs, engage directly with them, raise their awareness for DRE alternatives and stimulate synergies among different stakeholders. The financing sector will also be summoned to present financing solutions adapted to this type of investments.