12 of December 2016


The Sustainable Energy for All Forum is the landmark gathering celebrating the global sustainable energy movement.

Over 1,000 high-level representatives from government, business, civil society and international organizations will gather from 3-5 April 2017, in New York City for the 3rd Sustainable Energy for All Forum – its theme “Going Further, Faster – Together.”

The Forum will be a marketplace to help broker new partnerships and ideas, spur investment and drive action towards sustainable energy and realising Sustainable Development Goal 7. SEforAll Partners from across the globe will share their stories about how they are achieving results.

“Going Further, Faster – Together” will examine recent data on progress including the launch of the 3rd edition of the Global Tracking Framework on the delivery of universal access to modern energy services, doubling the share of renewable energy and doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.

The Forum – coming soon after the Paris Agreement entered into force and just 18 months after the adoption of the SDGs – will target solutions for accelerating and scaling energy access and energy productivity.

In this marketplace, you will be able to:

  • Assess progress towards the SDG 7 and find out where strengthened support and action is needed to keep us on track;
  • Create new partnerships and begin to unlock finance;
  • Gain profile and tell your story;
  • Shape and set the direction for policy and investment discourse on sustainable energy, in a way that ensures no one is left behind;
  • Grow and inspire the sustainable energy movement.

Held at Duggal Greenhouse – located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard – the Forum will showcase:

  • The 3rd edition of the Global Tracking Framework;
  • The Multi-Tier Framework Survey in select High-Impact Countries Country-level deep dives on the Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy;
  • The State of Energy Access report;
  • Results from efforts to pilot approaches to track the finance flows for energy access.

The Forum will be a marketplace which:

  • Offers a platform for leaders who want to pitch strategic investment plans and opportunities to an array of investors and market participants;
  • Create a stunning exhibition space that will allow our Partners to showcase the great work they are doing on energy efficiency, renewables and energy access;
  • Help broker new partnerships for our Partners by creating robust networking opportunities throughout the three-day programme.

Alongside the Forum, others will gather including an event focusing on bringing the women’s movement – and their funders – into the sustainable energy space.

As well as being invited to join the Forum throughout, on Thursday, April 6th, 2017, SE4All will hold a formal briefing on outcomes from the Forum for Permanent Representatives, and senior UN officials at the UN headquarters.

For more information send an email to: forum@se4all.org