2 of June 2022

SEforAll Forum in Rwanda highlights

The SEforALL Forum, which took place from 16 to 19 May in Kigali, Rwanda, was attended by around 1000 participants in the energy sector, at an event focused on the 7th Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy for All and Energy Transition in Africa and where initiatives worth more than US$347 million were presented to support access and energy transition.


Among the commitments and initiatives presented in the Forum, the following stand out:


  1. Bloomberg Philanthropies: $242 million to accelerate clean energy transition in 10 developing countries, including Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa


  1. Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP): $50 million in support of SEforALL to address energy access gaps and support energy transition programs in targeted markets.


  1. IKEA Foundation: announced $5.8 million funding for Universal Energy Facilitation



During the event co-organised by SEforALL, of which ALER is a "proud partner", Ministers from African countries participated in a private roundtable to help build a narrative for what constitutes a fair and equitable energy transition in Africa and to help guide commitments and actions on access to energy and the transition on the way to COP27, a statement has been issued from the countries represented.


The Mozambican Renewable Energy Association, a partner and associate of ALER, was present and represented by its president, Ricardo Pereira, in an event that brought the main stakeholders of the renewable energy sector to deliberate on the projects developed to date and what is necessary to provide a fair and equitable energy transition for all.