1 of April 2022

Sharing the voice of our candidates from the Women Sustainable Energy Program

They are thirteen candidates that come from São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau. Together they are part of the program developed by ALER, in partnership with UNIDO, "Women Sustainable Energy Program" which aims to improve female participation in the renewable energy sector, increment gender equality and equity and promote empowerment.


This month, we share their voices in the name of renewables: from Alércia Monteiro, Ana Furtado, Andreia Ramos, Ariana Andrade, Artemisia Lopes, Delícia Loloum, Eunice, Irina Mendes, Laura Reis, Ricardina, Silenia Mendes, Sónia Veiga and Tinita Samba.