26 of September 2022

Small projects supported in Mozambique

From the financing and investment projects of GET.invest, BRILHO and UNIDO, opportunities arise for the development and integration of clean energy access systems in small rural areas of Mozambique. Whether through financing lighting in rural areas, or solar systems for the supply of drinking water, each of these projects represents a real opportunity for the implementation of renewable energies in local communities.


GET.invest Finance Readiness Support: Meet the first Mozambique company as the pilot launches its second and third rounds

Last November, GET.invest launched the Finance Readiness Support program, a service implemented by eight consulting firms, with the aim of unlocking financing for local clean energy companies at an early stage. The first consultancy round started in February this year with a group of 13 companies from East, West and Southern Africa.


This new service of GET.invest was developed in close collaboration with Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), the Global Distributors Collective (GDC), GOGLA, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) and ENERGIA.


In Mozambique, the first company being supported by this program is Digitech, a company that provides affordable, high-quality solar products, enabling energy access to rural families.


More information about this project here.


BRILHO program supports farmer in Massingir district

Tecane Ngovene is one of the biggest cattle ranchers in the Gaza province, in Massingir district, Vila Tihovene. In this region, energy access is limited and a good part of the infrastructure that exists uses solar systems for energy. Since it is a protected area, it has a huge influx of wild animals making it necessary to use lighting at night.


The BRILHO beneficiary decided to install solar lighting kits after having lost about 180 goats victims of wild animal attack.


“Now I can sleep peacefully because I know that, with energy access in my farm, the animals have never attacked my cattle again and the business is growing,” said Tecane Ngovene.


In addition to using energy for his business, the solar lighting kit also guarantees energy in his home, allowing his children to study at night.


More information about this project here.


UNIDO finances solar water supply system and integrated renewable energy systems

At Quinta Irini, located in Mafuiane, agricultural activities are carried out, but due to water shortages in the greater Maputo region, many crops end up being lost. To reduce the impacts caused by the dry season, the farm installed a diesel water pump, whose operating cost was very high and had a huge impact on the environment and human health.


With financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNIDO, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - National Directorate for Local Economic Development, intends to provide the following integrated systems at Quinta Irini: solar water supply system for irrigation and agro-processing; solar dryers for fruits and vegetables conservation; cereal milling based on solar energy; anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas and fertilizers.


The objective of this pilot project is to demonstrate how the adoption of integrated systems of renewable energy for productive uses can contribute to the increase of sustainability, productivity, and efficiency in the processes of production and commercialization of agricultural products in the rural area of ​​Mafuiane.


At the same time, in July 2021, Shine Water & Serviços obtained a loan to install a solar system to supply drinking water to 100 customers in the FAO/Nhumbane community, Marracuene district, Maputo province. Funding was made available through the BCI credit line fund implemented by UNIDO, Banco BCI, and FUNAE under the Towards Sustainable Energy for all in Mozambique (TSE4ALLM) project with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


In addition to providing water to households, Shine Water's solar water supply system has expanded its reach to cover health centres, schools, bricklaying sites, and subsistence horticultural gardens. It is expected that, in the next six months, water will be supplied to 50 more homes.


Also, through the TSE4ALLM project, the fish farmer company MAKOMANE-ADM obtained financial support for the installation of a total capacity of 23.9 kW of integrated renewable energy systems, including Solar Cold storage (10kW) to support fish farming activities and livestock and for the conservation of fruits and vegetables; Biogas for the community kitchen and food processing (8.4kW); Solar irrigation system with high storage (5.5 kW) in Quissico, Zavala district, Inhambane province.


Learn more about this project here.