26 of February 2021

First step for a new Solar Power Plant in Mozambique completed

Rosseti Engenharia, ALER’s Member, recently completed the first step of the Tetereane project, a Solar Power Plant that will produce 80MWh of energy per year in Mozambique.


Located in Cuamba province of Niassa, 2300km from Maputo, the Tetereane Solar Power Plant will produce energy equivalent to the annual consumption of 166 thousand houses.


The first step of this project consisted of carrying out tests and local surveys to finalize the engineering projects and validate the structures to be used in the implementation of the solar panels.


The work has been taking place since October of last year in a place of difficult access and with torrential rains, which translates into renewed challenges for the Rosseti Engenharia team.


Developing several works in various areas of the globe, Rosseti Engenharia also marks its position in Africa, where renewable energies are under development together with the protection of natural resources.


Source and Image © Rosseti